Life is short

Cultivate Your BrainAs the story goes, this is yet another cool place I can freely blog about whatever catches my attention.

While I’m convinced the human race already masters an array of technologies and advanced processes that could help us all live like “The Jetsons”, it’s just as obvious that our destructive ways are too lucrative for a tiny world elite for them to even consider allowing us to switch to ecological, reusable, renewable and recyclable ways.

Some might feel sad about this vast travesty of our brightest minds, hired to perfect our imperfect technologies and ways instead of allowing them to go beyond our current “relative mediocrity” but hey, I’m very darn positive about thing and I’m pushing for things to get better.

I love mother nature’s gentler side, my family, the life I’ve worked so very hard to earn for myself and those whom I love, the gentle breeze of the wind (wherever I may be) and believe it or not, I’m continuously amazed by the internet.

I hate the not-so-hidden “world economic domination” manoeuvers by elitist political and industrial realm leaders, mainly operating from the US (think Monsanto). I also hate the liars, the cheaters, the lobbyists, the lawyers who hit on the “little guys” and the elected leaders who sell their soul to polluters to make a quick buck while destroying the environment.

I love and hate more things, of course.

Now, if you just bear with me, as this blog slowly takes shape, you’ll probably learn about a few more of them.

Thanks for visiting my humble little blog.